Oh To “Sit At the Feet” of a (Former) Mary Kay NSD

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I never got into the idea of “sitting at the feet” of anyone, much less a Mary Kay national sales director. I am not beneath them, and therefore do not deserve to be sitting “at their feet.” Please. These were the musings of Allison LaMarr when she was a brand new, record-breaking NSD. (This was before anyone realized how making it to NSD was the beginning of the end for Allison… with plummeting earnings, eventual financial ruin, many failed business ventures, and a lawsuit by Mary Kay to follow.)

Allison Lee LaMarr was the one everyone was raving about because she made it to nsd faster than anyone in the history of Mary Kay.  This was proof that the Mary Kay business plan worked, if only you were willing to put in the work. (No word yet from Mary Kay about how the failure of Allison speaks to the failure of the “business plan,” of course.)

Are You Following the Mary Kay Motto? These National Sales Directors Say You Shouldn’t!

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flagWritten by The Scribbler

Why did you join Mary Kay? Are you one of the women who joined because you were looking for a chance to get away from a work week that rivaled that of a Hebrew slave and a prickly boss that made Pharaoh look like a kindly grandmother? Maybe you were looking forward to finally being able to enjoy a holiday where you didn’t have to keep your Career switch flipped to the “on” position, or perhaps you were eager to enjoy a relaxing 4th of July around a smoky grill with food, drink, and plenty of laughing with family and friends. Well, rejoice, dear consultant, because isn’t that how priorities get ranked in Mary Kay according to the company motto?  “God First, Family Second, Career Third!”   And it’s Independence Day, so that means it’s time to put Family Second and Career so far Third that you’re like, “Booking? Pfft; only thing I’m booking today is an overloaded cheeseburger and a cold beer.”

That being said, did you know that there are National Sales Directors in Mary Kay who do not want consultants and directors to put their Families Second and Careers Third? I know it’s hard to believe, but there are top leaders in the company who regularly promote negativity by attempting to guilt women like you into shunning holidays and family time in favor of working their businesses.

Mary Kay National Sales Director: The Impossible Dream

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Written by Personal Use Recruiter

As an award winning top personal recruiter in another multi-level marketing company, this was my experience.

For every SEVEN new customers I added to my customer base: I signed only ONE new recruit. (I know, I know… make-up MLM is an easier sell. You all kicked my butt at recruiting!)

For every TEN qualified consultants I recruited (who placed a first inventory order): FOUR would quit before the end of the year.

For that same TEN consultants I recruited on my team: Only FOUR would duplicate themselves by accidentally, or with my help, recruiting someone else

20 Reasons I’m No Longer Pursuing NSD

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A piece written by our member JTA, a longtime Mary Kay sales director who came close to becoming a national sales director, and then decided to give it all up.

1. I really analyzed my offspring’s production – About 1/3 of my offspring are at Grand Prix level doing that production regularly. After expenses, as you can see from the info posted on PT, that Grand Prix directors do not make very much money, 20k per year at best. The other 2/3 made and missed production, mostly every other month. Many of these were actually placing HUGE 2-4k orders on the odd months themselves to make the production happen. Almost always, in my National’s newsletter, the majority of the top 10 of personal wholesale were from my future area. This is heart wrenching. It is listed to be celebrated, like their personal sales are so huge, but I KNEW then and KNOW now that they were not selling this much. The orders are placed simply to make production. Add to this that several of those do National Court of Sales. So they are celebrated for this, when behind the scenes there are major debt issues, warehousing of product, etc. Very sad.

How to “Go National” in Mary Kay

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From Mary Kay national sales director Anita Garrett-Roe: How to get to national sales director status.

Anita says getting to national status involves making women feel “special”. (Let’s be honest though, if you contribute to the numbers for nsd status, they don’t care WHO you are!)

So tell them you’ve selected them and they can come with you to the top. More emotional manipulation, in my opinion!

My Letter to my Mary Kay National Sales Director

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Written by Pink_Plunge

I wrote this letter to my nsd as I was leaving Mary Kay. I was hoping for honest answers to my questions and concerns. As you probably expected, I didn’t really get any.

I am writing this email to you to explain why I have decided to quit Mary Kay. You’ll notice an attached word document that is a letter written to my team members, customers, friends and family members to explain my story and how I’ve reached the conclusion to end my Mary Kay career. I thought I’d share the letter with you too, just to make sure that you are FULLY AWARE of how I feel and how things have changed for me! PLEASE DO TAKE THE TIME TO READ IT!! My team members and I would really appreciate being HEARD!!

Mary Kay Hookers: How Some NSDs Fell Into Temptation

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Written by The Scribbler

Last school year I completely read through “Room at the Top:  The Success Stories of Some of America’s Leading Businesswomen.”  Only you won’t find women from real companies listed, just NSDs gushing their personal I-stories.  As I read through the book, I noticed more than a few common threads, and I’d like to share the quotes associated with one of those threads today.

Let’s hit the button on the ol’ Wayback Machine and transport ourselves to that first encounter with Mary Kay.  It could be any encounter, really; a facial, a skin care class, a 3-way call with Beezelbub.  You remember asking “Why does it smell like sulfur in here?” only for the director to shrug and hold up a Yankee Candle with the words, “Hell Fire” scribbled on its label in black magic marker.  It looked legit, and the tip of the director’s tail had this cute bow on it, so you didn’t pry.

Mary Kay Directors: People Will Disappoint You But Numbers Never Lie

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mary-kay-bathtubMary Kay sales directors tell their consultants to work the numbers. They say that people may disappoint you, but numbers never lie.

There is a method to the madness, and they know that if you pester enough people to come to a party, sign up to be a consultant, buy an inventory package….. eventually someone will say yes. You might think that’s the way all sales jobs work. Yes, sales jobs rely on working the numbers… but Mary Kay is not so much of a sales job as it is a snow job. Lie, deceive, withhold information…. because if you told women the truth about the company and the opportunity, they’d never sign up!

Here are some interesting numbers put out by one Mary Kay sales director. I have no idea how accurate they are, but they’re interesting nonetheless. If you are recruiting women into Mary Kay, you must remember that you are constantly treading water. (Or as Mary Kay herself put it… you are filling a bathtub with the drain open.) Numbers never lie… the truth is that Mary Kay sucks!

Your Future is Now (But Your Education Comes Much Later): How Mary Kay NSD Lisa Madson Sells the Sizzle, But No Steak

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NSD Lisa Madson Your Future Is NowWritten by Verity Rose

It’s no wonder that Mary Kay recruiters in search of a downline will encourage potential recruits to watch Your Future is Now, in which NSD Lisa Madson tells her I-story to a room full of MK faithful and the guests they hope to bring into the fold.  TopDirectorTapes.com, whose stock in trade is flogging Mary Kay motivational materials, notes that “[t]he Field Force says, ‘when this DVD is shown with guests present, an average of one-half of the guests who are present make a decision, on the spot, to become Mary Kay Beauty Consultants.’”  This is no accident. If Madson is not quite Kryptonite for holdouts and skeptics, she’s pretty close.