God Gave Us Another Cadillac

Chelsea Claytor (Adkins) is excited because she picked up an official Mary Kay pink Cadillac. Her first Cadillac was one she leased on her own, since she didn’t meet the driving record requirements to drive one leased by Mary Kay.

This one is also exciting because Chelsea says it was so much easier than the first one. Well, I suppose when you buy your way into your first pink Cadillac, that seems hard. And apparently God put Chelsea into the Cadillac when he “honored that”… that = serving others.

This seemed easier since they finished “a whole month early.” That’s interesting. Chelsea would have you believe her unit is crushing it all the time. But they’re not. I have the recognition for July through November 2021. In those 5 months, Chelsea NEVER made the top 100 for unit production in her division. The last person on those lists didn’t make Cadillac production for 3 of the 5 months. In 2 of the months, the last person on the list DID make Cadillac production, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Chelsea did. It’s clear that there are plenty of months that Chelsea’s unit doesn’t keep up Cadillac production.

So this “top director” thing isn’t so easy, and Chelsea is not all that she would have you believe she is. (Remember how she was going to be an NSD by January 2022?) But that won’t stop her from exploiting you to get to her goal (maybe, possibly, someday, most likely not) of million dollar director.

Of course, Chelsea included the new standard disclaimer about the cars the MK Inc. is now requiring:



  1. So if my math is right, then .15% of all MK consultants earn the use of a Cadillac? Not sure my math Is correct .

    • Hard to know because MK stopped reporting how many consultants there are in the US.

      But this is interesting…

      There are just over 1,000 pink Cadillacs on the road. If 10% of sales directors get one, that means there are only about 10,000 sales directors right now.

      In 2006 there were 14,000 sales directors.

      How painful must it be to only have 10,000 sales directors right now?????

      Mary Kay is slowly dying in the US, and that makes me very happy. In the last 16 years, they lost 28% of the directors and units. That’s slow, but it’s progress.

    • Mary Kay Corporation makes everyone else take financial responsibility for them. They don’t have debt because consultants take that on. The cars, trips, etc. Are not their loss but the consultant. I qualified for a cruise and had to pay. Directors have to pay for room rental but the consultants have to pay them back.

      • So, what the heck, you’re welcome,
        Join us at the picnic!
        You can have your fill of all
        The food you bring yourself.

        “Iowa Stubborn,” by Meredith Willson
        From The Music Man

        Kinda fits, doesn’t it?

    • Great article! He used Pink Truth as a source and unlike MKers didn’t complain about negativity but rather pointed out the obvious; the car can be bought directly much cheaper than being “won”. That’s the real problem with ” direct sales” there is nothing direct about it. The people who participate often boast about cutting out the “middle man” but in fact have more layers than a head of lettuce.

    • I just had a Chevy Cruze and just the insurance was $95 out of my commission. A rip off. Earning my car and becoming a Director ruined MK for me. If I would have stayed a consultant, I probably would still be in the pink fog. It was a blessing in disquise having copays and then coming out of the fog.

    • That is WHAT Chelsea count on, her lease is lower than IF she qualified via MK as a car driver. She will not pay attention to the lease terms IMO. Mileage, cleanliness upkeep etc. She lives life without a care in the world, her next con person is just around the corner.

  2. It’s interesting that the “unit” earned the car. Does that mean that they each get a few days a month to use it?

  3. “I have the recognition for July through November 2021.”

    Hey Tracy – any chance you can share that or the newer Applause Magazine issues from 2021? I am so very curious!

    • They aren’t in Applause anymore. It’s a laborious process of downloading from MK Intouch. They purposely do multiple files for all the recognition, also separated by division. So I have a whole bunch of documents and I haven’t uploaded because it would take too much time to create a page with links to all of them. (I’m a lazy looser. 🙂 )

      • Chelsea has a new director under her, and he has earned his first car. Does his production count for her car too?

      • Lol, I’m sure you could find an assistant to do it for you in exchange for skin care products at cost!

  4. Straight from the mouth of my former director: “If I could go back and do it again, I would have taken the money instead of the car.”

    • Me too! I would have kept a larger car that I really liked and had extra money in my director check. Unfortunately, I believed the line that I had to be an example to my unit by driving a “free Mary Kay Is car.”

      • How they can call it “free” when there is a cash option is beyond me. It’s not free if it’s in lieu of commission!

    • I did. I only took one car – the red Pontiac Grand Am. The rest I took the cash and bought my OWN car that was considerably nicer than what MK would have given you.

      • And I bet your upline gave you all sorts of flack for it. Because you need that “trophy on wheels.” No one can see how fabulous MK is when you drive a plain car.

        • Yep, I caught all kinds of hell for it, including from my NSD. When I explained that I had a considerably nicer car that cost considerably less than what any of them had, that shut many of them up. I had no copays, cheaper insurance, and my car was easier to move and re-register when we got orders and had to move.

  5. She does not meet Mary kay driving standards but she DOES meet their sales scam objectives. She will be flaming out soon in this MK thingy.

    • She had too many points when it came time for her to get the first Cadillac. The only option she had was to take the cash. She used it to lease a used Pink Cadillac.

  6. “Of courseeee”

    This is such a pet peeve of mine. It reads “of course-EEE” to me. Like how so many kids/young adults use “loveeee” (I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it from Jamie Taylor) when the emphasis should be on the “o”. As in, “looooove” I guess.

  7. Why do I care what kind of Unit I’m in? In it to earn money, I could be in ANY old unit and as long as dollars go into my pockets.
    That is what is SO wrong about Directors earning things off of and “for” their Units. What do the worker bees get? NOTHING ZERO ZIPPO ZILCH.

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