The Mary Kay ladies need you to believe that home parties are not dead. Remember, in Mary Kay we pretend that the “business” is retail sales and everyone is selling lots of products. We’re not supposed to talk about how a “queen of sales” orders $40,000 of products from MK, but makes nearly zero profit on selling it because of constant promotions.

Here, Rachel Ryan of the Jamie Taylor downline says OMG parties are so fun and everyone wants to have them! “Party and pass it on is in!”

Don’t fall for the hype, potential recruit. You may end up with a party here or there that is fun and helps you unload some products. But for the most part you’re gong to struggle to find women who want to even get together to “play makeup” with you, much less invite a bunch of friends to come. Read here to see how, if you wanted to profit $2,000 in one month, you’ll have to find 280 strangers to talk to about Mary Kay. Good luck with that.

And then, just for fun, we have Jamie Taylor answering the question of how to find women who want to join Mary Kay and “work their business.” There is no real advice here. No one can give you an action step that is reasonably designed to have you actually meet women who want to be recruited. So instead that answer is YOU WILL ATTRACT THEM. Just act better, and women will beg you to recruit them. End of story. *eye roll*



  1. Jamie used a lot of words to say nothing.
    She could have just said, “You have to be good at fooling people.”

      • I read it for you, and it says: Jamie builds teams of endless-chain recruiting opportunity sellers, and you can too.

  2. These ladies all know very well that no one wants to have a “makeup” party. Everyone invited knows the true agenda. I had an acquaintance message me to beg me to “have a Mary Kay ” party. I told her (truthfully) that I had moved out of state six months prior. It’s obvious she was looking for the last shreds of her “warm” market and was now on the edge of needing to stalk potentials at Target to keep the illusion of the fun Mary Kay party alive.

  3. When Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Tupperware etc. huns ask you to host a party, consider responding this way…

    “Since this is your business, I think it most appropriate if you host your own sales parties.”

    If they finally agree to host their own and invite you, say “No thank you” and don’t ever give a reason. If pressed, just repeat, “No thanks. I am not interested.”

    Never, ever give them a reason.

    • “ “Since this is your business, I think it most appropriate if you host your own sales parties.”

      I like this! I’m imagining the stuttering and confusion when she tries to come up with a response. Perhaps this is her first step in realizing what Tracy stresses all the time: how sad it must be to rely on the recruitment and actions of others in order to succeed in MK.

    • “Never, ever give them a reason.”

      Data Junkie speaketh truth. If you give them a reason, they’ll just use that as an excuse to keep talking, argue the point, and wear you down. “Don’t want to” and “not interested” are all you need to say, if anything.

      Although I have been known to ask them the following rhetorical question if they refuse to shut up: “What part of ‘no’ don’t you understand?”

  4. “We’re not supposed to talk about how a “queen of sales” orders $40,000 of products from MK, but makes nearly zero profit on selling it because of constant promotions.”

    Yes. This was me a few times in queens court of sales and zero profit. I was in the pink fog. So grateful that pink truth was around and I realized that I got brainwashed. Hard truth. Hard to leave but it was worth it. Being in mk affected my self esteem, finances and my marriage.

  5. I remember getting advice like this, smiling and nodding, while internally screaming THIS IS NOT HELPFUL.

    • Remember when someone asked how Jamie made NSD, and some “helpful” hun came back with “She WORKED.”

      Yeah, thanks for that hot tip.

      • I also remember how another director responded to that comment with a searing takedown. MK doesn’t deserve that one, I hope she got out!

  6. Exhausting to think about parties.

    Did not read link just too much BS. 2022 not 1965 and society purchases differently. Oh not MK, consultants are the MK customer.

  7. The longer you take this seriously (from above picture phrase) :
    The more money I can make off of you!

    And I see ‘cheap the awards’ also
    ‘cheap the rewards’

    reap the rewards

  8. I know I sold more doing parties and facials in person, and you can’t convince me these people will have lasting, sustainable business from online transactions. Besides, no one wants to guess at their foundation shade when they can go to any department store and get Bobbi Brown, Clinique, or others to match right over the counter.

    1963 was 60 years ago. The business model is dead.

    When I left, we were already struggling to get new bookings. People wouldn’t fill out their profile cards all the way, so you had to be creative to get names from them.

    Bottom line: We were all told to double book. Remember? In what other job or career are you taught you’ll make HALF the amount of time you put I in or devote double the time you’d like to be paid?

    And…crickets. 🦗


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