How to Make $100,000 a Year as a New Director

Mary Kay nsd Cheryl Warfield tells women they can make $100,000 a year as a brand new Mary Kay sales director.

Cheryl uses a little Mary Kay Math to come up with her $100,000 figure, and of course, she pays no attention to the fact that the sales director has expenses that must be paid out of that fictional income! I love that her example was Allison LaMarr, who later became the most famous Mary Kay Failure. Here’s how Cheryl Warfield introduces the chart to her area: Continue reading “How to Make $100,000 a Year as a New Director”

Sales Director, Please Stop Telling Mary Kay Lies

Written by PinkyMcStinky

This is the final letter I sent my Mary Kay sales director, who told me she felt hurt when I decided to quit. I needed the closure of this letter, and it felt good to speak my mind!

Sales Director,

I understand that you FEEL hurt. I FELT the same way when it finally and fully occurred to me that this “opportunity” was built, and unfortunately continues to thrive, on outright lies, half-truths, master manipulation and the fleecing and frontloading of brainwashed consultants. But what I’ve FOUND is that the joy I have in sending back thousands of dollars of product, and the knowledge I now have of how MK and all other MLMs destroy people’s lives, and the intent I have of encouraging everyone I know to stay out or get out of them will enrich my life forever. Continue reading “Sales Director, Please Stop Telling Mary Kay Lies”

Can 26,000 Mary Kay Consultants All Be Lazy?

Written by Lazy Gardens

Admin Note: This article was first published in 2007. But the results are still valid, so I’m running it again.

Just for fun, I analyzed a bunch of Court of Sales data that I collected. My collected data contained the estimated retail sales for 26,279 consultants in 519 units, mostly for July, August, September, October of 2006, with some data from the full 2005-2006 Seminar year.

What did I find? First, there is no evidence that anyone is regularly having $300 parties, $1,000 days, or any of the types of results shown in Mary Kay propaganda. Continue reading “Can 26,000 Mary Kay Consultants All Be Lazy?”

Oh To “Sit At the Feet” of a (Former) Mary Kay NSD

I never got into the idea of “sitting at the feet” of anyone, much less a Mary Kay national sales director. I am not beneath them, and therefore do not deserve to be sitting “at their feet.” Please. These were the musings of Allison LaMarr when she was a brand new, record-breaking NSD. (This was before anyone realized how making it to NSD was the beginning of the end for Allison… with plummeting earnings, eventual financial ruin, many failed business ventures, and a lawsuit by Mary Kay to follow.)

Allison Lee LaMarr was the one everyone was raving about because she made it to nsd faster than anyone in the history of Mary Kay.  This was proof that the Mary Kay business plan worked, if only you were willing to put in the work. (No word yet from Mary Kay about how the failure of Allison speaks to the failure of the “business plan,” of course.) Continue reading “Oh To “Sit At the Feet” of a (Former) Mary Kay NSD”

Talking Mary Kay Consultants Out of Returning Inventory

Here’s a tried and true method of talking a consultant out of returning her inventory. We wouldn’t want her to do that! After all, the sales director will get a commission chargeback if the consultant returns her products.

We are all well aware of Mary Kay’s 90% buyback policy, whereby an independent consultant or sales director can return inventory purchased within the last year for 90% of its wholesale value. (Details here.)

Often, this is touted as some big privilege, and one of the many reasons recruits should sign up with Mary Kay. They are being offered a “no risk” opportunity with a wonderful company that is oh-so generous to the consultants. (Well there really is a risk, isn’t there, when you consider the 10% lost, the cost of supplies, the cost of shipping, the cost of interest on your credit card, etc?) Continue reading “Talking Mary Kay Consultants Out of Returning Inventory”

Mary Kay Top Director Income

mary kay top director incomeMany recruits are snared into Mary Kay Cosmetics with the lure of executive earnings. They are told that the sky’s the limit, and the earnings are unlimited, if only you are willing to work hard enough. Sales directors tout their “highest checks” without ever mentioning all the business expenses that must be paid out of those checks, or that those are a one-time deal and don’t represent their normal commission checks.

The hard workers are the ones who make it big in Mary Kay, right? Wrong. One has to look no further than superstar Allison LaMarr, who was the fastest woman ever to make it to Mary Kay National Sales Director. Yet all of that hard work resulted in a downward spiral that culminated in Allison becoming the fastest quitter in Mary Kay history. She has flailed around since, attempting to be a personal coach, a failed participant  in multi-leve marketing company MLM Bellamora, a former “executive” for multi-level marketer Seacret Direct, and has been spinning her wheels trying to build a downline as a distributor for Seacret. (No wonder she stopped posting publicly about her Seacret stuff long ago!) Continue reading “Mary Kay Top Director Income”

Mary Kay and Allison LaMarr Settling Their Lawsuit?

Nearly a year ago, Mary Kay Cosmetics sued Allison LaMarr, a former national sales director who was accused of violating her contract with the company. Mary Kay Inc. is going after Allison LaMarr for selling products in violation of her contract with the company, and for violating the non-solicitation portion of the contract.

Essentially, she was not allowed to use any names, contact information, or other non-public information to solicit Mary Kay consultants or directors to join other companies or terminate their contracts with Mary Kay. Continue reading “Mary Kay and Allison LaMarr Settling Their Lawsuit?”

Allison LaMarr: Fastest to Million, Fastest to Broke?

Have you ever wondered what life is like at the top of Mary Kay? Look no further than the standout beauty consultant Allison LaMarr, who quickly rose to fame within Mary Kay, and was put on a pedestal by corporate and sales directors.

We have documented on Pink Truth the meteoric rise of Allison LaMarr to the position of National Sales Director for Mary Kay Cosmetics. While being the fastest to reach NSD, she was also the fastest to quit. And now Mary Kay has sued Allison and her company Driven Inc. (also involving her husband James LaMarr) for breach of the NSD contract. Continue reading “Allison LaMarr: Fastest to Million, Fastest to Broke?”

Digging Deeper: Mary Kay Sues Allison LaMarr for Violating the NSD Agreement

Mary Kay Sues Allison LaMarrRecently I received a tip that Mary Kay Inc. had sued Allison LaMarr and her company Driven, Inc. I promptly went to research the Dallas court records, and found not only the suit against Allison, but also a whole slew of lawsuits and related court actions filed by Mary Kay.

The lawsuit was initially filed on August 26, 2011, and many of the allegations made by Mary Kay against LaMarr are similar to those made against former MK NSD Amy Dunlap in the lawsuit Mary Kay Cosmetics filed against her. You will remember that Allison left Mary Kay (she called it “retiring”) after becoming “the fastest ever to NSD” and promptly having her earnings tank.

Allison’s message to everyone when quitting Mary Kay was: Continue reading “Digging Deeper: Mary Kay Sues Allison LaMarr for Violating the NSD Agreement”

Allison LaMarr Lies: “I would never leave the Mary Kay life.”

Back in May 2005, Allison LaMarr was flying high in Mary Kay Cosmetics. The company and its consultants couldn’t get enough of her, because her fast ascent to fame meant that anyone could do it. Allison was the NEW face of Mary Kay, and the company used her every chance they could get to prove that MK was a legitimate opportunity.

In a May 2005 article in Applause magazine, the company touted Allison’s accomplishments in this article. Here is the most interesting part, in which Allison professes that she “would never leave the Mary Kay life. Continue reading “Allison LaMarr Lies: “I would never leave the Mary Kay life.””